Matcha supports the wallets below. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list. Learn about the different types of wallets here.

Wallet Apps

MetaMask (browser extension) - A desktop wallet that allows you to manage your tokens via a convenient browser extension. Learn how to install MetaMask and create a wallet here.

Coinbase Wallet - A wallet created by Coinbase. Learn how to create a Coinbase Wallet and connect it to your Coinbase account here.

WalletConnect - WalletConnect allows you to use Matcha with a growing list of mobile wallets, including Trust Wallet, MetaMask Mobile, and Argent. Go here for the full list of WalletConnect-integrated wallets.

Bitski - An easy to use web wallet. Create a Bitski wallet here.

👛 A note on hardware wallet support

Matcha does not currently have direct hardware wallet support. If you own a Ledger Nano or Trezor, you can try connecting your device via MetaMask. However, please be aware that we've received reports that using a Ledger Nano with MetaMask has prevented some users from executing their trades successfully. For help with any compatibility issues, please reach out to Ledger support team or the MetaMask support team.

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