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Searching for tokens on Matcha
Searching for tokens on Matcha

How to discover tokens in Matcha.

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Searching for ERC-20 Tokens with Matcha

One of Matcha's features is our token Search functionality. In older versions, Matcha only displayed a limited list of tokens based on Total Value Locked (TVL), popularity, and other criteria. Tokens that were new or obscure had to go through a listing process. But that is not the case any longer!

Now, with the latest version of Matcha, all ERC-20 tokens are accessible for you to search, either by name or token address.* No token listing is required.

This functionality allows Matcha to act quickly when a new token is launched, as you can begin trading it within 15 minutes of its creation. Additionally, this provides users with more flexibility when trading, allowing them to search for any token at any time.

With Matcha’s latest version, you can begin trading nearly any ERC-20 token you can find, either by name or token address.* Our token Search allows for more flexibility and reliability, giving you access to the widest selection of tokens available.

What If my active blockchain Network is different from what I want to trade?

If your active blockchain network is different from the tokens you want to trade, you will be prompted to switch to the network of the tokens you are attempting to trade in the Trade Module.

For example, if your active blockchain network is Ethereum but you want to trade MATIC with USDC on Polygon, the trade module will prompt you with changing your active network to Polygon:

Once you click "Switch to Polygon network", you can proceed with making your trade!

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*Note: tokens that violate Matcha's Terms of Service cannot be traded. Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information.

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