In August 2021, Matcha ran a user feedback survey that promised $10 in ZRX as a thank-you reward for their time. The plan was to distribute the ZRX on Ethereum, but the astronomically high gas prices prevented this.

Instead, all eligible survey participants were awarded an equivalent amount of USDC on Polygon, as well as 1 MATIC. Polygon is a highly scalable sidechain to Ethereum with very low transaction fees and fast transactions. The 1 MATIC should cover the gas cost for many trades on Polygon.

You can view your existing Ethereum wallet on Polygon by visiting and entering your wallet address into the search field.

MetaMask wallet users

Please follow MetaMask's instructions for adding Polygon as a supported network to access the MATIC and USDC tokens received.

Coinbase Wallet users

  • Launch the Coinbase Wallet mobile app

  • Tap the gear/cog icon in the bottom-right corner

  • Select 'Default Network'

  • Choose 'Polygon'

  • Go back to the primary wallet view

Trust Wallet users

  • Launch the Trust Wallet mobile app

  • Tap the slider icon in the top-right corner

  • Search for 'Polygon' and enable "Polygon MATIC"

  • Search for 'USDC' and enable "USD Coin (PoS)" on Polygon

  • Select 'Done'

  • Go back to the primary wallet view

If you require additional assistance accessing your survey rewards, please contact our support team and inform them which wallet you are using.

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