One of the advantages of trading on Matcha is you can trade without using any gas! This article explains how it works and how you can benefit from it.

What is Gasless Trading?

Gasless Trading is a feature that allows users to trade tokens without having to pay any gas fees and risk MEV attacks or potential slippage.

How is this possible?

Gasless Trading is possible because the gas is covered by a Professional Market Maker liquidity source that runs in parallel to Matcha’s traditional liquidity aggregation.

Matcha returns an individualized and slippage-free price quote from the Professional Market Makers. Once you sign the transaction, the Market Makers will submit the transaction to be verified on chain and pay for the gas cost.

What is the benefit of Gasless Trading?

Besides not having to spend gas from your wallet when making a trade, Gasless trading also prevents Miner Extractable Value (MEV) Attacks and avoids slippage by providing the quoted price from the Market Maker directly to the user. All you need to do is make the trade!

How do I enable Gasless Trading?

  1. Connect your wallet to Matcha.

  2. Navigate to a token pair where Gasless Trading is an option.

  3. Set the amount you want to trade.

  4. If your trading pair is eligible for Gasless, you will see it enabled in the trading widget.

  5. Confirm the trade.

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