Whether you're new to Matcha or have been a regular trader on our website, you may have noticed we have an Advanced Settings page in the Trading Widget. This article will go over how to enable changes to your Settings and what their functionality entails.

Sections of Advanced Settings

To adjust the Advanced Settings in the Trading Widget, navigate to the top right-hand corner of the widget and click on the slider button.

You will now see the various Settings you can adjust. Let's go through each one.

Max Slippage

  • This section allows you to adjust how much slippage you are willing to tolerate in your trade (you can learn more about slippage here).

  • By default, Max Slippage is set to 0.5%.


  • This section allows you to select specific exchanges from the 50 Decentralized Exchanges we aggregate from (The default is ALL are selected).

Gas Price

  • This section allows you to select the price of gas (units are in gwei) to spend on the transaction you are attempting to make. You can select between Fast, Very Fast, or Custom (you will input how much you want to spend in gwei).

Make sure to click Save at the end in order to save your changes.

If you would like to go back to the default Settings, click Reset at the bottom of the trading widget.

For further help on Advanced Settings, click on the Intercom Chat button in the bottom right-hand corner to speak with one of our Support Agents.

*Note: we recommend making changes to the Advanced Settings section if you are already familiar with DeFi trading.

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