Below the Trading Widget is our Quote Comparison Button. On the surface, it provides you with a quick glance at the estimated savings you will gain from making this trade on Matcha (compared with another DEX or DEX Aggregator).


If you click on the button, it will open a new window to view a detailed look into those estimated savings.

The Quote Comparison Window provides you with information on how you are saving money by using Matcha's routing (powered by 0x API). Here's the breakdown:

  • You Receive - How much of the Buy token you will receive if you proceed with this trade.

  • You Pay - How much of the Sell token you will pay if you proceed with this trade.

  • Average Slippage - The amount of the Average Slippage would be for the trade route Matcha has selected, compared to the best trade another DEX or DEX aggregator would provide.

  • Network Fee - How much the network would charge you to process this transaction.

  • Total Savings - The total amount of the above savings you will gain if you were to proceed with this trade.

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