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Connecting with WalletConnect
Connecting with WalletConnect

How to connect to Matcha using WalletConnect

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What is Wallet Connect?

WalletConnect is an open source protocol for connecting decentralised applications to mobile wallets with QR code scanning or deep linking. It allows you to connect your wallet to any dApp by simply scanning a QR code, regardless of wallet type. This is useful if you utilize a wallet that does not have a built-in browser extension or other native service to connect to a dApp.

This page will guide you on how to connect your wallet with WalletConnect on Matcha.

How-To Guide:

Here's how you can connect to Matcha with WalletConnect:

Click on the Connect Wallet button from the drop-down in the top-right hand corner:

or in the trade module:

When the pop-up appears on your browser, click Wallet Connect:

  • On your mobile device, select the wallet app that you want to connect and bring up the option to scan the QR Code

  • Go ahead and scan the QR Code.

  • On your mobile device, click Connect to connect your wallet (you can click Cancel if you don't want to connect).


    Your screen should now show the wallet connected:

You can now trade on Matcha with your wallet!

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