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How do I cancel my Limit Order?
How do I cancel my Limit Order?

Steps to cancel Limit Orders

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How to Cancel Limit Orders on Matcha

Canceling limit orders can be a frustrating process if you don’t know what steps to follow. This article will provide you with the steps and troubleshooting options required in order to cancel limit orders.

Steps for Canceling a Limit Order on Matcha

The first thing you will need to do is connect your wallet to Matcha in order to access the open order. Once connected, navigate to the Open Orders section of the token you are buying. You should see the open Limit Order(s) in the Open Orders section.

Once you are at the open Limit Order, simply click the three-dot menu button at the right hand side of the order. You will then have the option to Repeat the Order or Cancel the Order.

Clicking Cancel Order will prompt you to sign an order in your wallet to confirm the canceling of the order.

Gas will be consumed to cover the cost of cancellation so make sure you absolutely want to cancel the order (if the limit order is kept open and expires without getting filled, there is no gas cost). Click Confirm to cancel.

Once it is canceled, the order will no longer be in your Open Orders section and you should be able to see the "Cancel Limit Order" Method in your wallet history on the respective blockchain explorer.

Cancelling Multiple Limit Orders

If you have multiple open orders for the same token pair, you can also Cancel multiple or all orders. You can do this by individually selecting which orders you want to cancel, or pressing the "Cancel All" button at the top right of the Open Orders section.

Cancel all or selected open limit orders using the cancel selected feature.

Troubleshooting Limiting Order Cancellation

A common problem with canceling limit orders is the X button is not clickable. This could be due to a browser issue so we recommend trying to cancel on an alternative browser if your current browser is not letting you.


Thanks for taking the time to read this article and learn how to cancel limit orders on Matcha! We hope that this article has helped you with the process of canceling limit orders, and for further help, click the chat icon on the bottom right-hand corner for Support.

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