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Where can I view my past trades or open orders?
Where can I view my past trades or open orders?

Understanding the Trade History page on Matcha.

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If you've made trades with Matcha and want to see a full history of your trades, you should check out our Trade History feature.

Accessing your Trade History

These are the steps to see your Trade History:

  1. Connect your wallet to Matcha.

  2. Click on your profile at the top right-hand corner.

  3. Click on Trade History.

Alternatively, you can visit to access your history.

Once there, you can see your entire Order History and Open Limit Orders on Matcha.

Trade History Details

On the Trade History page, you can view an individual trade's details by clicking on a specific trade on the page. The trade details will pop up with specific details of the trade, including providing the link to the blockchain explorer.


To locate your orders a bit more efficiently, you can also filter your orders by Blockchain network and Order Type (Market or Limit Order):

Blockchain Filter:

Order Type Filter:

Viewing Open Orders

If you have any open Limit Orders on Matcha, you can see them on the Open Orders tab of the Trade History page.

Make sure you have the correct Blockchain network selected from the dropdown menu on the top left-hand corner to see your open orders.

Cancel Limit Orders

From the Open Orders tab, you can cancel a specific limit order:

  1. Select the blockchain network of the order you want to cancel.

  2. Click on the three-dot menu on the right-hand side of the order you want to cancel.

  3. Click "Cancel Order".

  4. Click cancel in the wallet app that you have connected to Matcha with the open order.

If you have multiple orders that you would like to cancel, you can do so by clicking the "Cancel All" button.

*Note: Cancel all can only be done on a single blockchain at a time. So if you have multiple orders on Ethereum and BSC and want to cancel all of them, you will have to cancel the orders for Ethereum first and then BSC (or vice versa).
**Additional Note: Please keep in mind that canceling a limit order does require gas to process, so you will be charged a blockchain network fee (not a Matcha fee).

How do I return to trading on Matcha?

To navigate back to the trade module from the Trade History page, click on the Matcha icon at the top left-hand corner or search for tokens in the Search bar at the top.

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