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How is Matcha different from other exchanges?
How is Matcha different from other exchanges?

What separates Matcha from other exchanges.

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Matcha is a decentralized exchange and does not require you to deposit tokens with a third party as would happen when using a centralized exchange, such as Binance or Coinbase. There is no sign-up to use Matcha, and all trades are peer-to-peer, which means that you trade directly from your Ethereum wallet and retain complete custody of your tokens throughout the entire process. Once a trade completes, the tokens you exchanged for will go straight to your wallet.

Matcha was meticulously designed to be super easy to use. Your average decentralized exchange has a steep learning curve and is difficult for most people to figure out. We set out to make a trading platform that is approachable and friendly to use, unlike a professional order book exchange.

Under the hood, Matcha will find you the best price across various liquidity sources, including 0x, Kyber, Uniswap, Oasis, Curve, and others.

Learn more about the benefits of using a decentralized exchange here and how we’re able to offer the best prices here.

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