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Why don’t I see the token I just bought in my MetaMask wallet?
Why don’t I see the token I just bought in my MetaMask wallet?

How to add a custom token to MetaMask.

Updated over a week ago

MetaMask may not yet have added a token listed on Matcha to its token registry. If you recently bought a token and are unable to see it listed in MetaMask, please follow these steps to add it as a custom token.

  1. Open the MetaMask extension and click the Add Token button at the bottom of the main screen. We're adding the COMP token in the example above.

  2. Go to the Custom Token tab.

  3. Add the token's contract address in the Token Contract Address field.

    If MetaMask doesn't automatically identify the values for Token Symbol and Decimals of Precision, you will need to add them manually. See the official token contract pages below for the correct values.

Here is a list of recently added token contract addresses that may not yet have been added to MetaMask's registry:

Depending on which blockchain you are using, you can use one of the following websites to manually verify a token you have traded is in your wallet, without adding a custom token to your wallet app:

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