What is Matcha Auto?

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I. General Questions

What is Matcha Auto?

Matcha Auto is a proprietary transaction mode in which Matcha submits the transactions and handles the gas on users behalf. Matcha Auto offers the same great prices our app has always offered, while adding an extra layer of benefits. Here are a few reasons why you should use Matcha Auto:

  • Faster trade confirmation: Trades are 2x more likely to confirm on next block, improving trade execution. This is beneficial on all trades, but especially when users really need a trade to go through at that given time and market price.

  • Reduced failed trades by 85%: 98.5% success rate vs ~90% industry. Matcha also covers resubmission costs. Users can trade and forget, Matcha ensures the trade will go through.

  • Matcha handles the gas: Users can trade without holding native tokens, Matcha optimizes gas settings and uses the token they are selling or buying to fund the transaction. Users won’t need to fund wallets with native tokens just to perform a swap.

How can I use Matcha Auto?

Matcha Auto is enabled by default. You have the option of disabling it when you are at the transaction module widget making a swap (see image):

Screen Recording 2024-04-03 at 2.33.36 PM.mov [video-to-gif output image]

  1. Click on the ⚙️ icon at the top right-hand corner of the Trade Module.

  2. Click the On/Off toggle to the Off position. ​

What Blockchain Networks can I use Matcha Auto?

Matcha Auto is available on:

  • Ethereum

  • Polygon

  • Arbitrum

  • Base

  • Optimism

How do I know if I have Matcha Auto enabled?

If the quote you receive has a "Free" label next to where you would expect to see gas, that tells you it's a Matcha Auto quote.

Is there a fee for using Matcha Auto?

Yes. Because of the added services provided by a Matcha Auto trade (see above), the fees for Matcha Auto are:

  • 0.25% for applicable Trading Pairs

  • 0.05% for stablecoin-to-stablecoin trades

Learn more about our Fees here.

II. Technical Questions

How does Matcha Auto work?

  • Matcha Auto works by utilizing 0x’s Tx Relay API. The API enables meta-transactions on Matcha, which allows the app to submit the trade and handle the gas fees on behalf of users.

  • Meta-transactions refer to a mechanism that enables users to perform transactions on a blockchain network without directly paying the associated transaction fees in the native cryptocurrency. Instead, the transaction fees are paid by a third party or a relayer.

  • This is incredibly powerful as it allows users to engage in DeFI without needing to maintain a balance of native token. Users can trade on multiple chains without worrying about carrying necessary funds for each chain, removing a barrier to entry and onboarding more users to the world of web3.

  • To learn more about meta-transactions, check out these pages:

What tokens can I trade with Matcha Auto?

  • You can trade any ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Base, and Optimism except native tokens for their respective blockchains.

Can I still trade Native tokens with Matcha Auto?

  • Unfortunately, you cannot sell native tokens with Matcha Auto; you must wrap the native token or use Standard mode to sell native tokens (e.g. turn ETH into WETH). However, you can buy native tokens with Matcha Auto.

Why is the transaction fee one of the tokens I’m trading?

Any trade on the blockchain requires some sort of gas/fee to cover the cost of making the trade. Historically, native tokens were used as gas for the transaction.

With Matcha Auto, the intermediary that is facilitating the trade is spending their native token and in return, will take some portion of either the token you are paying with or the token you are receiving (see below for more details on this).

When you click on the "You receive (incl. fee)" info button, you will see a modal like the one here:

Here is a breakdown of that modal:

  • Network Cost Rebate—This is the amount of the token that covers the cost of the gas fee you would have paid if you had not used Matcha Auto.

  • Matcha Auto Fee (0.25%) - this is the fee that Matcha takes for facilitating the trade.

  • You can navigate to the Settings page to adjust your setting or disable Matcha Auto if you don't want to use it.

How does Matcha Auto determine what token to use to cover the fee?

  • Depending on whether you are inputting a value in the You Receive token or in the Pay with token field, the token that will be taken to cover the gas fee will be from the opposite token input:

💰 Token Input

🪙 Fee Token

Pay with

You receive

You receive

Pay with

Can I select what token to use to cover the fee?

  • Unfortunately, you cannot. However, Matcha Auto does that for you, so you don’t have to!

What if I don't want to use Matcha Auto?

Matcha Auto is the default trading mode, so if you would like to use Matcha Standard:

  1. Navigate to the Trade Module

  2. Click the gear icon ⚙️ in the top right hand corner.

  3. Select the OFF button in the switch.

III. Troubleshooting

Why did I get a warning saying “Fees exceed the size of the trade”?

  • You received this message to inform you that network fees are significantly greater than how much you are trading. We will not let you make that trade without adjusting the amount of your trade first.

    • For example, if you are trading 10 $USDC for 10 $USDT on Ethereum with Matcha Auto, and the network fee is $20 to execute the trade, then we will require you to adjust your trade amounts.

Why is it saying "Insufficient Balance" when I have enough of my "Pay with" Token?

  • If you have sufficient balance in your wallet to sell this token, then the most likely reason why you are seeing this message (and cannot proceed) is because you input the amount you want to purchase in the You receive field.

    • This is happening because, based on where you input the value (in this case, You receive), our system will use part of the token you are selling as the fee to cover the cost of gas.

    • Because it's using the Pay with token for gas, it's subtracting the amount of token from your wallet to cover that gas cost.

    • If that amount for the gas, plus the amount you want to sell is greater than (or equal to) the amount in your wallet, our system will see that you don't have sufficient funds and will prevent you from trading.

    • In order to bypass this, simply input the value in the sell token (Pay with) field and you should be able to proceed.

I want to use Matcha Auto but it says it's unavailable for small trade sizes. What's the minimum trade size to use Matcha Auto?

Matcha Auto will not be available if you attempt to make a trade where the network fee amount exceeds the trade size. For example, if you are trying to trade 1 USDC for 1 USDT, and the fee on Mainnet is $3, then Matcha Auto will not be available as an option and you will be prompted to increase the amount you want to trade.

We hope you enjoy using Matcha Auto in your trading adventures! For further questions, feel free to chat with our Support team by clicking the messenger icon in the bottom right-hand corner.

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